2012….What a year!!!

Well this is my last post in 2012, so it will have a smattering of thanks, some resolutions (I will try* to keep) and a bit of what I have thought of this year past.

Let’s start with the thanks ane the year in brief…
This year has probably been my most enjoyable in my long-ish time in the miniature wargaming hobby, and this is all thanks to the #warmongers on Twitter, the community has been a great motivator and has spurred me on to more impulse buys into systems I’d never heard of and also to get back into really painting my models, instead of just 3 colouring them, the amazing community has also helped ForgeWorldOnly come to life and ive managed to be the cause of a few empty wallets. So thanks to all of you (I would name, names but you know who you are), I will name a few though in particular Phil of the Shellcase, Dave aka docbungle, Hugo of ichiban painting and Chris from fallen studio, all great inspirations and have really made me up my game in all aspects.

Now that the thanks are out of the way I’ll move onto some resolutions…*gulp*

1) I will paint up all my Krieg and finish the year painting over 100 models.

2) I will blog more and will aim for at least 2 posts a week.

3) I will play more games.

4) To speak with a certain warmonger about a certain secret project.

5) To get my commission stuff up and running again.

So easy resolutions….I think, I have had a great year and can’t wait to see what 2013 brings. Once again thankyou all for your great support.


Thanks Phil but a lot wouldn’t have happened without you connecting the community, I’m just happy to exploit and corrupt everyone along the way 😉 let’s hope 2013 is just as fun, if not better.
Merry Crimbo dude


Just a little note to wish all of my friends in the wargaming community the world over, and all the writers and developers I’ve met these last 18 months – even the ones that aren’t talking to me any more – a very happy, healthy and joy filled Christmas.

2013 promises to be a very exciting one for me personally and also for our community with lots of new and exciting projects on the horizon, as well as books and models for our favourite games set for release throughout the year. I look forward to writing about and discussing all this and more with you in the coming months.

A special thank you to Dave of Miniature Musings of a Bear, Hugo of Ichiban Painting, Jason & Nate of Noobhammer, Adam & John of War More Radio and Richard of Tales of Wargaming Butterfly for making this year immensely fun: be it…

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I’m somewhat underwhelmed by most, I like the look of the Air Superiority Fighter and the Deathwing Knights but I’m not overly enthused by the rest.


Another month, another hacked off employee taking snaps on their mobile of the upcoming White Dwarf. Specifically the Dark Angel releases.

I’ve got to say, my feelings are mixed. The new Deathwing Terminators look pretty cool and have lots of conversion potential for other Chapters. The Ravenwing ‘Black Knights’ are a reboxing of the standard Ravenwing bikers with a few more baubles. And yes they all have plasma weapons. The air superiority flyer rumours were clearly true. And it looks pretty cool. The landspeeders on the other hand… They’re certainly bigger and meaner than they use to be but they have all the aerodynamics of a brick.



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Fantastic job by Dave on the terminators, I really likethe use of the forge world waste. Through weathering is top notch too

Miniature Musings of a Bear

So here they are my first steps on the path of #ForgeWorldOnly is complete the first of my Cataphractii terminators.

If you want to see more pictures (of individual minis) then head on over to the #FWO blog to check them out.

You can use this handy link HERE.

I am really happy how they turned out and looking forward to painting up some more of these soon. But in the mean time I await Santa who is brining a Contemptor 😀

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Warmonger Secret Santa…it has arrived!

Well today (about 10 minutes ago) my Secret Santa gift arrived!

Needless to say it was just what I needed, even more proof that the fine gets in the Warmongers group really do listen/read to what people say.

My gift was from James Wilson aka @ChairmanAsheth, and it is a Death Korps of Krieg equipment set, perfect for my Death Korps 🙂

I would like to thank James and of course Phil of the Shellcase fame for organising such a great thing.

Here’s a picture of my goodies.


The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey. Review – No Spoilers

Last night I went to watch The Hobbit in HFR3D, there will be no spoilers in here as it is mainly my opinion on the new fangled 48fps over the old and well loved 24fps.

The first thing I really noticed is the fact it seemed really quite “computer-gamey”. In the action scenes it was sharp (maybe too sharp) and very smooth.

The main gripe I had was the CGI was too obvious in parts and there was a few times the characters looked superimposed onto the image.

That’s the bad parts though, the story and the humour in the film was fantastically done and I am planning to watch the film in 2D to see if I appreciate it more in the classic 24fps.

I loved the film and to be perfectly honest I’d watch it again just for the trailers.

Overall I give the film 7.5/10

Hawk Wargames Justifies Scenery Pricing

Shouldn’t they have just said that they were under the influence of drugs for their justification.


It seems the general outrage from the wargaming community – much 0f it coming from me – over the prices of Hawk Wargames scenery has provoked a response from them. It can be read in full here. In my opinion it’s largely bollocks.


The general gist surrounds cutting edge technology and a modular system allowing limitless potential and superior resins etc. This is all crap. Their resin is not the best. Not even close. The technology is the same technology that Spartan and the Games Workshop uses. Spartan seem to be able punt their wares out at a reasonable price. And if the tile system was resulting in shrinkage in a ‘cheaper’ resin then it’s a flawed concept and should have been abandoned in favour of something else, not passing on the truly stellar costs on to the customer. Who were hardly demanding a modular scenery system that’s only…

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