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A quick chat with a legend, Mr. Andy Chambers. Part 1

Welcome guys, this is part one of a few posts about a chat with Andy Chambers. Many of my readers (and any wargamer that stumbles onto this page) will know this man as the hero he is regarded.

An illustrious career with Games Workshop smashing 20 years and counting, working in the 41st millennium. Now working with Black Library he has written various short stories and has written Survival Instinct and is currently writing the Dark Eldar Path trilogy and most recently the Masque of Vyle novella.

Enough with plaudits though as I could fill a whole years worth of posts with acheivements this man has managed throughout his career. Now on with the interview, this part is mainly a chat on Harlequins, with the most recent release of Andy’s being the Masque of Vyle.

Wargaming Butterfly: Hi Andy, I was wondering if there would be anymore books around the Eldar/Dark Eldar path series after  Path of the Archon?

Andy Chambers: I have an urge to try writing some non-Dark Eldar stuff, but that may be just because I am finishing Path of the Archon at the moment.

WB: I would love to see some Dwarf novels or even a novella about Skarsnik and the Goblin wars.

AC: I wouldn’t touch Warhammer, tbh, except maybe Skaven.

WB: Ahhh, how about a Tyranid vs Eldar or the Tau encounters with Tyranids?

AC: Any of that would be fine, although I’d like to try Orks at some point.

WB: Oh, I do enjoy a good Ork book, I loved Siege of Castellax, although I was rooting for the Orks over the Iron Warriors. More Armageddon books would be great too.

AC: Yeah, it’s a great setting.

WB: There is just so much opportunity, whether you go for the initial war with the Despoiler or you go wild and use Thrakka, it offers so much and there is so many characters to focus on. One of my favourite books was Dead Men Walking as I really liked how the Death Korps were portrayed. If only there was a renegade Grot warlord, that would make a great book.

AC: Heh, not for me as I actually like Orks over Grots, though Grots make fine comic relief.

WB: Yeah, the fact they are so ground down, I think a novella is all it’d make before an Ork stomped on it or something.

AC: Aye, speaking of novellas I might actually end up writing more Harlequins stories if the Masque of Vyle goes over well.

WB: I loved it! The book was great and really shows how bad ass the Harlequins really are.

AC: Excellent, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I always found Harlequins kind of sinister myself, like clowns irl 😉

WB: Yes, definitely as a lot of the time when you see/hear of the Harlequins it is all about the dancing and prancing about, this books gives them a darker side and shows how they tie in with both Commorragh and the Eldar Craftworlds.

AC: I think that’s where they have the most value for storytelling, as a group that can cross boundaries. That’s what I wanted to show in the Masque of Vyle.

WB: I agree, they can really hit on some of the taboos in the 40k universe, even the Black Library still has that sinister mystery about it (although many have broken in), after this book they are now the guys that you don’t know if they will dance for you or kill you (or both).

AC: Exactly! Good stuff to write about if you ask me.

WB: Very true, a Shadowseer book would be great, although my favourite character is the Death jester.

AC: Nice, Hradhiri Ra was one of my wife’s favourite characters (she’s my test reader).

WB: Awesome, they were a great character. It must be great having a wife willing to read and understand it. I tried giving my wife a 4 page fluff story for my Eldar Corsair army before and she got 1 page in and said “I don’t understand this” and put it down.

AC: Yeah, I am a lucky guy, she really gets it and understands it.
I should get working now and bash some keys. Nice talking to you Richard.

WB: Thanks for taking the time to talk with me.
Now get writing some Harlequin books! 😉

AC: Will doo! 🙂

WB: Once again thanks for talking.

So that is part one finished with.

I will have my review of Masque of Vyle up for reading, in short though the book is centred around a Harlequin troupe and their Solitaire, Motley. The same Motley who appears in Mr Chambers Dark Eldar Path series, for those who’ve read them.
The story is basically a (mass) murder mystery as the troupe of Harlequins & Motley try to discover who amongst three likely possibilities was responsible for the destruction of a (very) minor hitherto unknown Craftworld. The pace moves along snappily without seeming rushed and it gives great (if not profound) insights into both the Harlequins and Dark Eldar. It isn’t exactly action-packed but what action there is is extremely well written and entirely befitting of the Harlequins.

The Masque of Vyle is available from The Black Library and Games Workshop priced at £12.