Tau my army, and my forays into 40k (again)

Welcome one and all to a new post and the start of (hopefully) a regular supplement on my blog, as I really need to get my backside in gear with keeping this updated.

So without further adue we’ll get onto the subject of today, I know I am behind the curve with posting things about my coming back to Warhammer 40k and Tau but hey, this isn’t a review or an advanced screening, this is my army, what I like, what I don’t like and my complaint about the Fire Warrior sculpt.

So we shall cover the first topic which is my coming back to Warhammer 40k, this occured for a couple of reasons, the main one being the fact I moved back home and have gone from having a LGS 5 minutes away to now not having one local, which killed me playing WarmaHordes and Malifaux and the fact my most local shop is a GW so it kind of gave me a couple of options, I either played Warhammer Fantasy Battles or I played Warhammer 40k and well let’s face it, big fucking sci-fi guns and lasers are infinitely cooler than a dragon being ridden by a she elf….I mean seriously a dragon would just run around and fuck shit up and not get ridden by some pmsy she elf…

After much deliberation I had settled on 40k and after looking around at the armies I was left with a few options, either go back to my first and original love the Orks, try something different with Space Marines, use my Guard as a standard army or jump on the bandwagon to new shinyville with Tau…so I bought a first class ticket and headed to Tau. After buying the mini rulebook and having a read through the game, I noticed a few things have changed, it is more streamlined than when I last played and allies are here…(the army I picked are friend whores) I also noticed that this game should now run alot smoother, fliers seem ridonculous and a few things seem to be must haves (*cough* aegis *cough*).

From here I went and bought a fair amount of Tau to start my force, I had a read through the codex and decided on some things that I won’t leave home without, naturally this included Pathfinders (markerlights & rail rifles), a Hammerhead (cheap and will hurt), Cadre Fireblade (Volley fire), Darkstrider (-1 T), Longstrike (Bs5 Hammerhead) and Fire Warriors. The Riptide is a must have but not for in game purposes (although it will wreck face) but because it looks fucking awesome.

Luckily when I went to buy all my Tau, my local GW still had the old Battleforce in (12 Fire Warriors, Crisis suit, Devilfish, Stealth team, 12 Kroot), so along with this I grabbed a Riptide, a Pathfinder box, a Hammerhead, Longstrike and Cadre Fireblade. The Kroot are pretty much null and void as I won’t entertain them, they seemed like something that was just put in the codex to keep with fluff.  I then went to decide on a colour scheme, which ended up a bit transformery and it was unintentional (I will show some pictures at the end of the post).

Well now I will show my initial 2,000points list and I will give some reasons why I picked what I did.


Cadre Fireblade with Shield drone and Gun drone.



3x 8 Fire Warriors with 2 Pulse Carbines each, Shas’la with Markerlight. Squads with bonding knife, emp, 1 Gun drone


Stealth Team with Shas’vre Fusion, all with counterfire, 1 Gun drone, Markerlight

Riptide with Ion accelerator, Fusion blasters, Velocity and Early Warning, 2 Shielded Missile drones

Crisis with Plasma/Fusion, Shield generator Gun drone

Fast Attack

2 Remora Drones

5 Pathfinder with 2 Ion rifles, 1 Rail rifle, pulse accelerator, shas’ui with black sun, emp

5 Pathfinder with 2 Rail Rifles, 1 Ion rifle, grav inhibitor, shas’ui with black sun, emp

Heavy Support

Hammerhead with Longstrike, submunitions, Smart missiles, 2 seeker missiles, fully kitted

Sniper Drone Team with 2 Marksmen, 5 Drones

Broadside with plasma, seeker missile, velocity, shield drone and missile drone


Well that is my list, a lot of it is because I like the models, my aim is to put Darkstrider in with the Rail rifles and watch people cry when astartes are insta-dying, Fireblade will do volley fire with the Fire Warriors, the rest is because I like the models and Longstrike will make people cry with a BS5 killing machine.

So that is all for now so I shall add some pictures n of my force so far.

ImageThe force so far

ImageCommander Longstrike

ImageLongstrikes Hammerhead

ImageFire Cadre Fireblade

ImageCrisis Battlesuit




ImageStealth Team


That is all for pictures, I apologise for some of the quality as they were taken on my phone and some were taken on my DSLR. As you can see the scheme is different to most Tau (the fact it is dark and battle damaged) but I don’t like clean armies, I am always suspicious of a clean army that is apparently in the middle of an intergalactic war.

Well that is all for now, I hope you have enjoyed this post and the pictures, I hope to see you soon, remember tell your friends and get more people into the hobby


#Warmonger and #ForgeWorldOnly meet 6.7.13

So as numbers have increased for the meet, I am now having to book more tables and come up with some funky ideas to keep it fun 🙂

My first plan is something wild with the Zone Mortalis board that GW/FW have lovingly crafted for a bit of claustrophic horror of the 41st millennium and the second is to have some missions for people to complete on a couple of boards using a small force whilst trying to foil the other gamers at the same time, then finally it is an apocalypse game of allied armies on a table top….

Here is the idea for Zone Mortalis;

We all have a squad of 5 or more models costing no more than 400points, we each deploy on an edge and have to work our way to the relic that is at the centre, but beware there are traps and pitfalls around every corner.

Here is the idea for the missions;

We each take a force of no more than 750point (no restriction on the Force Organisation Chart (FOC)), the only ruling is that a scoring unit has to be 5 strong or more. I will make up some missions, we pick the mission from a hat/dice cup and after deployment (I am aiming for either 4 or 6 per table) we watch the carnage ensue, this will be amusing as we may see alliances brokered and subsequently broken and treachery could be lurking anywhere.

The final game is quite simple;

We all bring 1.5k worth of a legal army along and at the end of the day we put them on the table, work out alliances and go for it in a full blooded Apocalypse death match, the last team standing will be the victors.

I have currently booked two tables and will be booking at least two more today, I hope this will be a fun day full of laughs, drink and a great lunch, who knows I may be able to speak to White Dwarf Dan and some of the Forge World guys to have a chat and maybe a game.

Thats all for now gents, I hope to see as many of you there 🙂

Forge World Only Meet 6th July 2013

Well fellow #warmongers and #forgeworldonly gents (and ladies) the next meet is being planned as we speak.

It will be 6th July 2013 and Warhammer World.

I am planning on doing some funky games and maybe a mini tournament (probaly won’t be a prize, exceot #warmongers and #forgeworldonly bragging rights)

I think we should have the armies sitting around 1.5k points and try for an armageddon game too (let’s get them titans rolling)

So what are you waiting for! Book the time off work, get them wife points and let’s unleash the grim dark going.