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scholarFor some time now, I’ve wondered if there might be little caches of Hodgson letters squirreled about in various libraries and universities and the like.  So, I am issuing the call to all those readers of this blog to help me find them!

Seriously, the cause of Hodgson research and criticism has long suffered from a lack of primary sources such as letters and the such.  We need to find out if there are any out there which are available for scholars and historians to use.  This is a project that will benefit everyone looking to do research on/about Hodgson and those who want to read it!  And we’re not just looking for letters that Hodgson may have written but those by his family, friends, etc.

Please use all your resources.  Check everywhere you can!  Post your findings here in the comments section.  I will take all of them (hopefully…

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A Small Tutorial

pretty nice tutorual, if you like snow 🙂

Grimnars Grimoire

Second post in the space of two days… I know, don’t die of shock.

Anyway, this one is a small tutorial, and I’ll try and do one a week on different weathering techniques, from basic drybrushing to using salt and Liquid Green Stuff.

Now as most of you know, when it comes to my own army, and especially the vehicles, I hate them looking shiny. Most armies, mine included, don’t always get back to their homeworlds that often. So to mirror this, the armor, on the troops and tanks should look worn and battle damaged, this includes some very heavy weathering to make this happen. So in a series of pictures, and small explanations of techniques and paints used, I hope to give you all some insight on how I achieve this.

So when battles take place on cold/frozen worlds, the usual guys to be sent in first are Space Wolves, one reason is…

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My Week in Gaming 11.5.13

Howdy folks,

This week has been kind of productive and I have added a few more models to the painted collection bringing me to 110 models, this will be explained more in the Hobby Time segment.

This blog seems to have picked up this week and with luck as I am posting more it will get a bit better. As always though feedback is appreciated.

Hobby Time

This week has been quiet hobby wise but I have got some stuff done. It was spent painting up the Skyray and starting work on the Event Only Warrior Priest model.

I have also been planning my army lists for Council of War in October and more importantly writing up the shopping list for it! Luckily the shopping list is short, only need to buy Foam, a Tigershark and a Darkstrider model…so nice and short, if only it was as cheap as it is short though.

Here is an image of the finished Skyray;



Unfortunately this week has seen no gaming happen but I have been spending time planning to game 🙂 Does that count?

This week has been spent working on some lists ready for the Gaming Meet in July (6th July to be exact the post can be found here) after this my attention turns to Council of War and mustering the Tau ready for some mor action. These are all quite a while off so plenty of time to think and wait for these.

Future Excitement

I am planning an Armies on Parade entry for this years Golden Demon (GD), and planning on using my Tau and some Imperial Guard for a scene that would represent the battle at Mu’gulath Bay which will be fun and time consuming so prepare to see some updates in future issues of My Week in Gaming.

Once again my excitement is toward All Quiet on the Martian Front, I have pledged, have you?

The Kickstarter has gone brilliantly and has already made it’s required amount and has seen some very nice add-ons and unlockables, the link for the kickstarter is here it is a 15mm game and very much War of the World in its image. The Facebook page gives plenty of updates as does the website both can be found here and here respectively. As usual here are some tantilising pictures to whet your appetite.

mARTIAN_tRIPOD_sIZES minis_lg_1

Yes I know the Aliens look cooler but I can’t wait for this game.

Until next week, have fun gaming and painting.


Welcome one and all!

My travels in Warhammer

Well where to start ay? I’m joining the crowd in starting my very own blog mostly because i’ll find it easier to say what i have to feel better rather than the 140 characters on twitter!

For those that know me via my twitter account @NinjaNathUK or have seen this else where I welcome you all 🙂

So where did it all start for me you might wonder, well it all began one day as a young whipper snapper when my brother invited his friend over who brought with him his space wolves. Now as for a young lad of about 11ish and was competitive with my brother in any game we played, was amazed by these little figures in grey, and considering my childhood was spent going to war museums and loved big guns, I wanted in.

Soon afterwards my brother started collecting Tyranids, and I was advised by my brother…

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