A brief history of Citadel Miniatures

A great read, and very interesting

Miniature Musings of a Bear

I stumbled across this recently and I have to say it was a great little read.

Life in Miniature by Peter Brown: A history of Citadel Miniatures by a bloke who was there!

If you ever have a need to go back to a simpler time than Realm of Chaos 80s will certainly be up your seat ­čÖé

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Wargamers United…

I figured this could be a pertinent post, I won’t go into personal gripes or problems but will broadbrush.

Those on twitter that follow any of the wargamers will notice a certain company has come under the ire of the grumpy/disgruntled gamer…again…

What I want to say has been highlighted a few times, there are many systems out there willing to take your money, some listen to you and some shy away from any interaction with the wider community, whilst there are sure to be reasons for this, we should just leave it be.

Some people love one company yet hold the greatest of hates for another, all I can say to this is promote the game you love, spread the word of this (in your opinion) great game and let people be enthused by your enthusiasm. On the flip side to this, do we really need to belittle someone or have out right moments of rage about a company, this has no good effect on the community and was probably part of the reason some companies have stopped integrating with the community. This doesn’t make them evil tyrants that plan on taking over the world and kidnapping your granny.

People still love the game, so why ruin their joy, just because you find your joy somewhere else…this is the 21st century, why can’t we all see that we are ALL gamers regardless of system we play, it is still a tiny community combined, and we should all stick together instead of spreading hate towards a single game and trying to tell the people who play certain games they are wrong, we all have a love and I would love to see that love spread and games promoted.

Just because companies do it different to each other doesn’t mean we can’t just focus on the game we love and let others do the same.

With all this said you will notice I have fallen in love with Infinity and I urge you all to proxy your models and give the game a go, the rules are free and can be found here, if you end up loving the game as much as me and want to buy some models, then they can be found here, also on that note when you do decide to buy (as I know you will grow to love the game like me) then I urge you to buy from Wargaming Trader, as he is a great boon to the Infinity community and his store can be found here and you can find him on twitter here.

That is all from me, so go spread the love you have for a game, and let this community become a united front , after all we are all gamers of one kind or another.

Infinity Tournament System 2014

Having read my earlier post, you will notice I say we can’t plan for scenarios as Infinity Tournament System 2014 (ITS2014) hasn’t been released yet….

Well hold on to your pants, they have just released it and after a quick look through the scenarios, they look nice, NO Lt specialists has been confirmed and Paramedics/doctors are in.

I have posed the question on the Forum as a myself and at least one other LeemanRuss* has notice that only one scenario is missing paramedics/doctors as specialists, I have been made aware it is one not normally played, but still curious as it is the ONLY scenario without them.

Another thing I have noticed is the change to Classified objectives, now making sabotage a bit nicer to all factions and lists.

Here’s the link to download all the new ITS2014 stuff, just click here.

I will give a more detailed blog post dedicated to it after further reading.

*LeemanRuss runs a great blog with some great posts for the new Infinity gamer, check it out here.

Preps for Spring Challenge

Hi guys,

First post of the week and in my eyes the most important for a while, my preps begin for Ian “Wargaming Trader” Woods, first tournament of the year, the Spring Challenge for Infinity the Game on the 22nd/23rd March.

Whilst we are waiting for Infinity Tournament System 2014 (ITS2014) to be released so we really know what we will be dealing with scenario wise, a few things have been made public, the key thing being no Lt specialists in ITS2014, this is a huge thing for most factions as it means people won’t be on the receiving end of an Avatar* running through and sitting on an objective, for me and my Yu Jing Japanese Sectorial Army, it also reduces our amount of effective specialists, no O Yoroi Lt to sit on an objective, this does however open up a lot of new options as in the wake of this change we also have doctors/paramedics becoming specialists, so them cheap paramedics that people never used to field may see the light of day.

These changes have come around as in the US and Spanish scene TAG Lts were a widespread thing and some would say a hobbykiller…with this in mind it does show that Corvus Belli have been paying attention to the scene and making the changes where necessary.

So with all that cleared up let’s get back to my preparations, first things first I can’t really practice for the scenarios as they aren’t out yet, so that will be a wait and see kind of thing.

Next up is the models, now with the horrid weather we have had recently, I have been unable to get any form of painting done, BUT I have started work on my bases, so at least some work on the models has commenced (not bad, but there isn’t long to go), little over 2 months remaining to get them painted to a standard that Infinity models deserve.

I intend on playing some Vassal Infinity to keep the rules fresh and look forward to ITS2014 release so I can practice the scenarios that could be used.

Onto the tournament itself, Spring Challenge is this years beginners tournament and being that fact, the first day is a joint ops (doubles) day where a beginner and veteran are paired on the day for a day of gaming, the points limit has not been confirmed but looks to be either 150points or 200points per player giving 300points or 400points per team respectively. Day two is is a classic ITS tournament at 300points per person for another full days gaming.

With it being hosted by Exeter Inquisition there is some house rules to be followed which can be found here.

The full tournament description can be found here.

Look to weekly updates from me on the build up to this and I hope to see some of you guys there.

Those UK Infinity players that are on Facebook but not on this page need to change that fact now, UK Infinity the Game.

Also remember there is giveaways to be had from Antenociti, Warsenal, and Wargaming Trader on specific milestones on UK registers on the living gamer map, which can be found here.
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*Avatar being the single most scary model stat line in the game, it is brutality incarnate.

My week in gaming 3.1.14

So one whole week and I am committing to a blog post again! Shocker, I know some of you readers won’t believe it.

So let’s get the easy stuff out of the way, I have done no gaming and no hobbying this week. What I have been doing is eyeing up more Infinity and trying to push it towards as many people as possible, on the various social mediums.

Whilst working on my Japanese Sectorial Army (JSA) for Yu Jing, I am in the market to start a second faction and get some demoes done at my local club and LGS. This has now been narrowed down to Morat Assault Force (MAF) for Combined Army (CA), or Corregidor for Nomads.

I narrowed it down to these two because, the models both look amazing and well they are a perfect counterbalance to my pretty and finely poised JSA.

So basically this week has been browsing and wishlisting, on a side note, ‘nids pre-order tomorrow….that is all…no interest, but I am sure there will be some craziness around the interwebs tomorrow and up to release day.

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