Warmacine ‘Crabjack’

Here iswhat I have been working on recently.

If anyone is interested in the recipes, I used GW paints of Straken Green, Druichii Violet, Athonian Camoshade, Warplock Bronze, Shining Gold, Mephiston Red, Seraphim Sepia, Nuln Oil, Carroburg Crimson. P3 paints Menoth White and Menoth White Highlight. Tamiya paints Titanium Silver, Titan Gold.

The Green armour was a prime of white, followed by glazes of Straken Green, I then washed the model with Carroburg Crimson in the deep shadows, working back up to Athonian Camoshade, I then gave it one final wash of Druchii Violet and Camoshade mixed.

The gold was a base of Warplock Bronze then layers of Titan Gold and Shining Gold, with a glaze of Druchii Violet.

All in all this model took me about 4 hours from assembly to finished.

Crabjack magnetized

The Crabjack all magnetized

Desecrator front


Desecrator left

Desecrator CCW

Desecrator right

Desecrator Gun

Harrower front


Harrower left

Harrower CCW

Harrower right

Harrower Gun

Leviathon front


Leviathon left

Leviathan CCW

Leviathon right

Leviathan Gun