Miniature Musings of a Bear


A change from normal broadcasting today (you are getting 2 posts)…

So the fund-raising continues, this time we are looking at dice…

That’s right I am bringing dice to the masses, simply they will be green dice with WAAC as the 6.
So everyone wants to roll a WAAC 😉 I am working with dice.co.uk to create these dice, they will be 16mm dice.


So now for the cost I am asking for £1 per dice plus £1 for postage. But I am willing to do 10 dice for £10.


If you are wanting different quantities let me know using the form below and we can work from there.
Once I have a total number I will be requesting payment via PayPal this will allow me to put in the order and get them shipped out ASAP. So ALL profit will be added to the just giving page…

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