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A change from normal broadcasting today (you are getting 2 posts)…

So the fund-raising continues, this time we are looking at dice…

That’s right I am bringing dice to the masses, simply they will be green dice with WAAC as the 6.
So everyone wants to roll a WAAC 😉 I am working with dice.co.uk to create these dice, they will be 16mm dice.


So now for the cost I am asking for £1 per dice plus £1 for postage. But I am willing to do 10 dice for £10.


If you are wanting different quantities let me know using the form below and we can work from there.
Once I have a total number I will be requesting payment via PayPal this will allow me to put in the order and get them shipped out ASAP. So ALL profit will be added to the just giving page…

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26th Blue Miniatures Badge

Love the old school look to them

Miniature Musings of a Bear

So for the 26th badge I thought it needed to be something special, but first if you want to see the others then follow the link. (Blue Miniatures Badge)

Only small one this time 😉 but a good one. Mr Ian Wartrader has finished his epic (in system and look) Nurgle army and doesn’t it look putrid.

An awesome job, make sure you check out his blog LINK, and see how we created some of these beauties.

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#WAAC update 2

Miniature Musings of a Bear


Here we are at update 2, again the level of support continues to grow. This weeks big news is we have a poster for people to use as they wish, my thanks to Sai Harris for creating it. More people have signed up AND we have a painting competition on the way 🙂

I have also been on Fools Daily so make sure you go have a listen.


Again thanks to Sai Harris for putting this together for me. Clicking on the image will take you to a pdf of the poster for use 🙂

WAAC Poster WAAC Poster

Painting Competition

So Mr Rich Smith came up with the idea of a painting competition for WAAC 🙂 this is a great idea so we may as well get the ball rolling. The rules are simple;

1) Donate £5 (or equivalent) to the WAAC donation page, making sure to say you are…

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25th Blue Miniatures Badge

Whoop! I have been trying to get one of these for 25 prior

Miniature Musings of a Bear

So for the 25th badge I thought it needed to be something special, but first if you want to see the others then follow the link. (Blue Miniatures Badge)

So who wins the big one which is a nice milestone? Well first I have been holding on for this one, as the man is a great painter. Plus I think I have made him wait long enough now to release his badge 😀 Well done Rich, it was too easier to give you the first one 😉

An awesome but simple job executed well, make sure you check out his blog LINK, that he is going to update more often now..

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Token boxes and #WAAC

Hi guys,
I know it has been a while, but here is a double whammy! BAMM!
First things first, a good friend at cutITcustom sent me a token box to test out, specifically for Warmachine/Hordes tokens, and I must say it is perfect, the tokens are organised so no more searching around for that knock down token. He now has extra colours and can even do custom stencils for you to top it off and really make it personal. His website is a dream to use, with his stencil creator.
The prices are great, I sprayed mine silver and it taken to the plasticard spot on.
Here are the images for you all to oggle and links will all be posted at the end of the blog.

IMG_5711 IMG_5714 IMG_5715


Now onto other matters, #WAAC or Wargamers All Against Cancer, you would have seen @docbungle tweeting maniacally about this on twitter (obviously) and posting on his blog (link at end of the blog post) and on Facebook. This is a great cause and I have been blasting emails around in the hope of getting some more attention to this and getting more support.
I am proud to say that the list has been fantastic with some big hitters in the hobby world adding their might and wares to the cause, there will be a raffle for the event for all those that donate to the just giving page (again link at the end) trust me when I say winners will not be disappointed in anything they win.
The cause is Macmillan Cancer Trust and they really do help with a great cause and let’s face it nearly all of us in one way or another will be affected by cancer and its evil on day.

The list on supporters grown today, adding Infamy Miniatures to the ever growing list of contributors, Infamy and all other supporters are offering so much and making this ‘event’ a real thing and with their help we’ll hit the aimed goal and smash past it I am sure.

Here is the full list of companies offering their help in some respect.

  • Privateer Press
  • Wyrd Games
  • Siege Studios
  • Counter Attack Bases
  • Goldfish of Justice
  • Black Hat Miniatures
  • Infamy Miniatures
  • Ax Faction
  • GCT Studios

This is a truly spectacular list and DocBungle is compiling the list of guys who have added their voice this week.

As promised here are all the links you need

CutITCustom: http://www.cutitcustom.co.uk/

Just Giving: https://www.justgiving.com/WAAC


Infamy Miniatures: http://www.infamyminiatures.com/